“There are still many places to discover and adventures to live, however, Switzerland has been one of the best opportunities I could have. Almost 3 years ago I started my story at Swiss Hotel Management School and since then I have begun to see the world from a different perspective. SHMS immerses us in an international environment where you are educated not only academically, but also culturally. I feel that I have grown both professionally and personally because the lectures accompany you to explore the potential you have inside until you develop it and be able to show it. My experience is about to end and I feel wistful to say goodbye to the place that I have called second home, where I met wonderful people who believed in me and have become my family, where I made friends that will be for a lifetime and where I discovered my passion for hospitality but I know that I have been competently prepared and I am ready to show the market my skills because being Swiss-educated has shown me that hospitality is a lifestyle where passion and commitment are involved.”

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