If any magic exists in our world,

Scotland would definitely be that place.

Por: Barbara Wright

Oh, Scotland ye beauty!

I believe something magical happens when you enter Scotland, as it is arguably one of the most beautiful places for scenery in the world. The captivating enchantment is all around you, in their impressive mountains, hills, lakes, and oceans; no wonder they believe in fairies. If any magic exists in our world, Scotland would definitely be that place.

I began my journey in this great country in Edinburgh, where I really believe one should start discovering. One of the most spectacular cities in the world I’ve ever seen. As global storytellers who believe this world is filled with magic, Scotland is pretty much filled with great stories for everyone, especially if you have a fascination with the supernatural, there’s a lot of exciting ghost stories that will keep you awake at night.

Besides all his panoramic scenario, this beautiful place houses one of the world’s top universities: The University of Edinburgh, where I’ll suggest studying Economics, International Relations, and Computer Science.

I did not hesitate to see as much as I could and started traveling north through the highlands, all the way to Inverness. I had to make sure to visit the Loch Ness Monster. Again, Scotland is full of world-known myths and legends that you cannot help but immerse yourself in them. I went on to the city of Stirling, the famous Mary Queen of Scots’ birthplace, and the place that houses the Wallace museum. The University of Stirling, known for its fantastic broadcast, communication, and journalism degrees, and their psychology masters. It was a truly unique full campus experience.

I also went on to Glasgow “where people make the city” that is their motto. Known by being a world-class shopping, arts, culture, and architecture city.

The University of Glasgow is a monument in the middle of a modern city; it reminds you of Hogwarts Castle because of his gorgeous gothic architecture in the West End, in fact, the University was often a place where they filmed the famous book adaptation. The University has an unbeatable history, imagine that Adam Smith and Albert Einstein walked through those halls… yes those kinds of stories!

I was mesmerized by this country, eager to go back and explore more. And what would be the best way to do it? Studying while living there, it’s a win-win. You get the full experience of studying abroad, and as a bonus, you get to explore this entire fairytale country, filled with all kinds of magical tales.

If you’re considering Scotland as your study abroad destination please reach out to us!

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